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Chutzpah 101 is a 5-module intensive, empowering and thought provoking learning experience, designed for young professionals, business executives, teams, managers and students alike. Prepare to question, explore, reflect and train intellectual and emotional muscles like never before.

Young Professionals & Students

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What you will achieve

Train your curiosity muscle, feel at ease with ambiguity, communicate and collaborate optimally, practice failure and shake things up.

Asking Questions

Critical Thinking Ideation Originality

Why? How? Why again? And again and again. The more you ask, the better you understand.
Children ask 'why' countless times so they can understand context. That begs the question, why don't adults apply that same sense of critical questioning?

Getting to the 'why' should be the beginning of any strategic framework. What are you solving for and why? If you don't critically ask for the 'why' over and over again, you will never succeed at the 'what'.
In this module you will learn to train your curiosity muscle, and understand how and when to use it best.

Embrace Uncertainty

System Analysis Creativity Complex Problem Solving

Uncertainty is everywhere. Learn to navigate and adapt. Train your agile mindset. You’ll end up appreciating it.
If life is naturally disorganized, wouldn’t developing the skills necessary to deal with its unpredictability be more effective than trying to create order? Actually, disorder is incredibly flexible and adaptable, unlike order, which is fragile and can be destroyed by any deviation from its well-defined boundaries.

Since true creativity often emerges from utter chaos, it becomes increasingly important to learn to cope with uncertainty in our ever-changing business climate. Adapting to rapidly-evolving environments requires a high tolerance for unpredictability and the building of resilience, a long-forgotten notion.
In this module you will learn to address any experience as an opportunity for growth and to leverage stressful situations for self development, just like you exercise to strengthen your muscle tone.

There is an 'I' in 'We'

Communication Leadership Empathy

Can you be an individualist and still perform well in a team? Alternatively, can you be a collectivist and still achieve things on your own? Any team and group consists of a collection of individuals, a variety of “I”s. It is when the individual’s and the group’s goals align that we see optimal results.

In this module you will learn to effectively communicate and collaborate with those around you while remaining objective-driven, opinionated and accountable.

Failure is an option

Active Learning Reasoning Adaptability

What is a common thing that happens to all of us indistinctly? Occasional failure. However, what changes from one person to another, is the way we handle failure, and this is what actually matters.
Failure, in many cases, is instrumental to meaningful success.

In this module you will learn how to fail by extracting thoughtful and valuable insights from past examples of great failures while demonstrating coping methodologies. Additionally, you will learn the skill of effective debriefing, the same one used in the conference rooms of the Israeli Air Force after each training session or operation.

Make it happen

Innovation Entrepreneurship Agility

What is the secret to making things happen? Is there a set of tools, or a specific mindset we could use to achieve more? This last module will see us borrow some of the tools and mindsets of both software developers and military special forces, and apply them to the business world with astounding results.

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